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What are the benefits of coin laundry management?

It is a business with extremely high investment efficiency. You can secure stable profits by using idle land and vacant stores. For Nihon Coin Laundry Sales Inc., staff with a wealth of experience that other companies have, from model selection to installation work, will make an optimal proposal according to the customer's convenience.


If you have an unused land or tenants that remain vacant, which may seem unsuitable for commercial facilities, please consider running a coin laundry. There is always a certain need for laundry, which is the basis of life. We will investigate how much potential demand there is. Coin laundry management is a business with high investment effect that can effectively use assets. (Depending on the results of the survey, we may not be able to meet your wishes.)

Regarding the initial investment, it depends on the operating form of the coin laundry. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Let's solve it with the staff.

Even if you are worried about your own funds, there are various ways such as leasing and bank loans. Our staff with abundant experience that does not exist in other companies will make optimal proposals according to the customer's convenience, from model selection to installation work.


Profitability is higher when you develop a business in your own property, but you can also do business in a rental property. Since the operation is basically unmanned, there is no labor cost.

In addition, laundry is an essential part of daily life, so you can secure a stable profit.


Dovresti fare un piano!

​Eliminating management time by introducing the system


We recommend the introduction of "IC+IT laundry" system and electronic sales management system.

Not only do these systems streamline your business, they also bring significant benefits to both owners and users. The greatest merit of introducing the system is that analysis from various perspectives becomes easy.

● "Strategy analysis and management" system that can be used from mobile terminals, tablets, and PCs

● "Shop visit promotion" system that can be used from mobile terminals, tablets, and PCs


By using these systems, you can think about your business strategy even at home. Let's plan a coin laundry promotion event based on the analyzed data! We will teach various know-how based on past successful cases.

Let's secure profit more efficiently by utilizing the system.

In Nihon Coin Laundry Sales Inc., we offer the most suitable plan according to the customer's request.>>NEXT

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