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Flow from contract to opening

First of all, we have to collect data and determine future guidelines. And let's make a business plan together. In Nihon Coinlaundry Sales Inc., staff will create trading area data from the planned business area and help with income and expenditure forecasts.

Let's simulate the coin laundry management together.


Sales of coin laundry vary greatly depending on the location.

First, let's do a simulation to actually create a store.

The first thing to do is to collect data on the candidate locations for opening stores and determine if they can be opened. And let's make a business plan based on that data.

In Nihon Coin Laundry Sales Inc., the staff will create data on the commercial area from the planned business site and help with income and expenditure forecasts.

① Prior consultation


Our staff is available for consultation. Let's think carefully about the contents of the coin laundry business being considered together as we open it.

② Survey of planned business location (location research)

Please let us know your planned location. We investigate how much demand is in the business area, customer base in the planned opening area, competitors, etc. from various angles. We have the best research know-how accumulated in the industry since our founding 40 years ago . (Depending on the results of the survey, we may unfortunately decide that it is not suitable for opening a business. In addition, we think that there is a higher probability that a property with a parking lot will succeed more reliably. )


​Resolve your concerns early.​

Investigation is more important than anything else.

Make a business plan.

We support the management with an eye on the future.

③ Business planning

From the survey results, we predict the customer base, business profits, etc. and formulate a business plan. Please contact us if you have any financial concerns. We will consider the best plan. Now, this is the first step on the road to opening.


④ Store planning

We will put together the store plan you are thinking of in the optimal form. Please tell us your request. Let's create the shop you draw in your heart. In Japan coin laundry sales, it is possible to significantly reduce the initial cost by keeping the installation cost low. According to customer's request, we will quote for equipment, store construction, signboard construction, sales promotion expenses, etc.


⑤ Contract conclusion


This is an important store for our customers. Please contact Nihon Coin Laundry Sales, Inc. until you are satisfied. We will try to be as close as possible to our customers' ideals. Once we have a solid business plan and store plan, we conclude a sales contract and a construction contract with the customer.


⑥ Contract conclusion

We will design the store based on the store plan. After discussing the details, it is finally time to start construction. After carrying out water/gas work, interior work, and signboard work, the long-awaited arrival of laundry equipment is carried in.

There are many options such as outdoor illuminated signboard, in-store certification, crime prevention flash light, crime prevention red light, ventilation fan, auto lock, cable broadcasting, automatic opening and closing of the door in the store by a timer. Please contact us.

It's almost time to get here. The completion of your coin laundry is just around the corner.

​Please leave the store design to us.

​We will respond to your request as much as possible.

Now you are also the owner of the coin laundry.

⑦ Pre-opening promotion

Let's start pre-opening preparation. We support sales promotion activities such as posting of open leaflets according to the preliminary survey results.


⑧ Store opening

We will provide all know-how such as equipment maintenance support, sales promotion planning, management support even after the coin laundry opens. (Note: Please note that production costs will be charged separately.)

Congratulations on opening the store!

Finally, you are the owner of the coin laundry.


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