Nihon coin laundry sales

Mail-order shopping

You can purchase small coin laundry machines and store fixtures at low prices. ​Consumption tax included and free shipping. (Excluding some areas)

Cheaper than anywhere! Maintenance is also safe!


The online shop selling Japanese coin laundry has a lineup of old Sanyo products. In addition, we have put in place a complete support system so that those who are considering a replacement due to failure or deterioration over time, or those who are considering a new purchase can purchase with confidence.

Please feel free to contact us.

Contact: 042-621-1111


* We provide four peace of mind that only a company specializing in coin laundry can provide! "Do you have any problems?"

Japan coin laundry sales will be available.

You can choose only the options you need to make your purchase as cheap as possible. The coverage area is limited to the Kanto / Kansai area, but we will do our best to accommodate you.

Installation options

(1) We will transport the laundry equipment to the customer's delivery destination and set it up to use.

​ Please leave the price setting!

Disposal option

(2) If it is difficult for the local government to dispose of old laundry equipment, please select this option. We will pick it up.

Repair options

③ Please select this option in case of trouble such as abnormal noise from the laundry equipment or the drum of the dryer does not move. We will support any product as long as the parts are supplied .

Removal option

④ If you can remove the old washing machine and move it before installation, this option is not necessary.