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Accommodation / dormitory support


Coin type small Gas Dryer 

9Kg / 6Kg




■ Built-in coin timer ideal for use in facilities

■ Easy to clean self-cleaning filter installed

■ Uses a highly durable fan belt that achieves approximately three times the durability

Small coin-operated gas dryer

Any clothing dries quickly and is weather agnostic !

Rinnai expands lineup

Launched coin-operated gas clothes dryer for business use!

"Kanta-kun RTDC-FRL60CT / RTDC-FRL90CT)" with a built-in coin timer will be released jointly by Rinnai Corporation and Family Rental Lease Co., Ltd., a group company of our company.


Gas clothes dryer


〇 Can be dried in a short time

〇 Because it is not dried outside, there is no concern that pollen or PM2.5 will adhere

〇 Suppresses the dry odor of laundry with powerful warm air of 80 ℃ or higher


It has such features and is widely used not only for home use but also for business use.

Among commercial applications, the "model with built-in coin timer", which is in high demand when installed in accommodation facilities such as hotels and inns, and employee / student dormitories, will be newly added to the lineup.


Share house and guest house of the owner of everyone, accommodation owner of everyone, please consider coin-operated dryer "Rinnai fast Kanta-kun RDTC-90FRL90CD / RDTC-90FRL60CD" on this occasion.   For gas dryers , we recommend the "Kita- kun " series, which saves space and has high functionality .


Dry capacity




Dry capacity




Built-in coin timer ideal for use in accommodation facilities such as hotels and inns, employees and student dormitories


The RDTC-FRL90CD / RDTC-FRL60CD series has a built-in coin timer that can store about 300 coins. You can freely set the operating time and amount of one operation, and when you insert a coin, the operation will start automatically. It can be operated without the need to install a separate coin timer set as in the past.


Accommodations such as hotels and inns

Employees and student dormitories


The advantage of coin-operated coins is that customers and residents can use them when and as much as they need. In addition, we have adopted a large-capacity type coin box that can accommodate about 1.5 times more coin boxes than general coin boxes.



Self-cleaning filter installed!

Uses a highly durable fan belt with about 3 times the durability!


-The self-cleaning filter automatically collects lint and cotton dust , reducing the number of troublesome filter cleanings. It's easier to clean.


And home for conventional products employing the high durability fan belt to achieve about three times the durability of. By increasing the tensile strength, we have achieved about three times the durability performance of conventional household products.


Speed ​​drying with the power of gas!

The drying time is 1/3 that of the electric type!

Speed ​​drying with the power of gas!


Since the large-capacity drum is dried while sending plenty of strong warm air unique to gas, the fibers rise from the root and the clothes are finished comfortably.


Test : under the following conditions.

● After washing each towel of about 60 cm x 130 cm,

(1) Sun-dried (2) Washer / dryer (3) Dry thick and dry, fold vertically in four, and then fold horizontally in three

Test result (height):


  • (1) Sun-dried / 23.2cm

  • (2) Washer / dryer / 26.2 cm

  • (3) Kanta-kun / 29.5cm

  • * (When dried with laundry equivalent to a total of 3 kg, according to Rinnai Corporation research. Results may vary depending on the environment and equipment used.)


Cut the dry odor!

Inui-kun is safe to wash on rainy days.


Cut the dry odor!


The powerful warm air unique to gas suppresses the growth of "Moraxella", which causes bad odors, and removes 99.9% * 1. Removes odors that cannot be removed by drying outside or disinfecting with sunlight.

[What is Moraxella]
A type of fungus that exists in various places in the home. It grows on food such as unwashed protein and causes a foul odor like a rag. By exposing the washed clothes to heat of 65 ° C for 10 minutes, the growth of Moraxella is suppressed * 2.

* 1 ■ Testing institution: Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Aichi Gakuin University
■ Test target: Moraxella osloensis

■ Test method: Measure the viable cell count of the cloth with bacteria attached.

Wash out the bacteria in a buffer solution and incubate on an agar plate.

* 2 Source: "International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology (IJSB)" (1967)

Clean and dry


Active all year round regardless of the weather!
If you don't need to dry outside, you can safely wash your clothes not only on rainy days, but also on pollen seasons and on days when you are concerned about air pollution such as yellow sand and PM2.5. There is no need to worry about fine particles such as dust and exhaust gas adhering. It is also ideal for drying baby clothes.



Exclusive use


LandryA All in One



Small coin-operated gas dryer Kanta-kun
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Small coin-operated gas dryer machine 
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