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*Fire is strictly prohibited. Do not use it for laundry equipment that uses gas .

This is an ethanol preparation for cleaning and sterilizing equipment, machinery and equipment used in medical and nursing care facilities (excluding kitchens). It is ideal for preventing mass infections by eliminating various bacteria and viruses.


A medical/nursing facility with frequent access from outside. If an infectious disease is brought into the facility from the outside, it will explosively spread to many facility users and staff. To prevent this, it is important to minimize and prevent the risk of transmission to users and staff. For this reason, it is important to continuously disinfect and maintain cleanliness in all areas of the facility such as machinery and equipment, toilets, handrails, and doorknobs. By double sterilization, the facility is thoroughly sterilized, and a continuous sterilization environment is created to prevent nosocomial infections and create a safe facility environment.

18L [Alcohol disinfection/antibacterial agent] Arculina replication

  • *The package of the actual product may differ from the photo.

  • ● Capacity 10L
    ●Package Material Outer box: Cardboard/Inside: PE
    ●Liquid neutral ●Main unit dimensions 24×24×25 cm (h)
    ●Ingredient Ethanol (60%) Quaternary ammonium salt ●Uses For cleaning machinery and equipment

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