●Indispensable function of coin laundry! Drum cleaning function ● It can be used in various ways! Manual specifications are also OK
● Air wash course that everyone wants to try once Drum stationary/drum rotation course ● Plenty of storage coin box ● Barrier-free drum height that is easy to use for wheelchairs ● Triple attack washing with a washing plate baffle with excellent washing power ● Remaining Rinse dirt and attack with ozone Rinse

Coin type washer/dryer MWD-7068EC

  • ● Driving course・Washing/drying standard course 130 minutes・Washing/drying small quantity course 100 minutes・Washing course 40 minutes・Drying course 30 minutes/100 yen (10-120 minutes/100 yen can be set)
    ・Air wash stationary course 15 minutes (selectable from 8, 15 and 30 minutes)
    ・Air wash rotation course 15 minutes (selectable from 8, 15, 30 minutes)
    ●Drum size Diameter 504 x Depth 357.5 mm
    ● Connection water supply/supplied magic joint ● Drainage/supplied drain hose (connection port outer diameter 32.5 mm)
    ●Detergent automatic loading Possible by installing JOSAI KIT 7068 (sold separately) ●Dry heat source electric heater ●Used coins / coins stored 100 yen coins / 500 coins ●Power consumption 1425Wh (standard course for washing and drying)
    -Rated power consumption 1100W (when dry) / 210W (when washing)
    ●Standard water consumption 102L (standard course for washing and drying)
    ●Power supply single-phase 100V II type outlet (50-60Hz common)
    Body dimensions 596 (width) x 698 (depth) x 1330 (height) mm
    ●Product mass approx. 90 kg

  • *Prices will be quoted separately.