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bill reduction


Densuke got a patent

​A new breaker.

(Patent number 445369)


Achieved monthly fixed cost reduction

​The initial fee of 0 yen for lease

​Electronic breaker allows contracting of main switch with minimum capacity

Owners who want to reduce their monthly electricity bills,

​There is a wonderful product called “Densuke” .

If you're a laundromat owner who thinks your electricity bill is high monthly, do you know of a new breaker that can lower your monthly electricity bill? "Densuke" is the latest electronically controlled breaker programmed by computer control so that it can be used up to the maximum allowable range of JIS standards.

​Before changing contract

= Basic charge


¥ 31,752

​By introducing “Densuke”

After contract change

= Basic charge


¥ 10,584

Monthly basic charge ▲ ¥ 21,168

Annual basic fee

▲ ¥ 254,016

*Calculation under Tokyo Electricity charge/consumption tax will be added separately​

Thermal breakers require more than the maximum current capacity, so the main switch contract must be concluded with a larger capacity than it actually is. However, "Densuke" (patented) can automatically control the required electric capacity, so it is possible to reduce the wattage of the main switch contract and safely operate electric equipment. You can also use the lease to introduce the initial cost-free of charge.

Load equipment contract 10 kW × basic unit price ¥ 1,050.4

Load equipment contract 30 kW × basic unit price ¥ 1,050.4


Review fixed costs by introducing Densuke!

​A smart electronic breaker that can significantly reduce the monthly electricity bill

Why don't you introduce "Densuke" ?

Significant reduction of basic electricity usage charges with Densuke!

​Dear owners, why not reduce the monthly store operation cost by introducing Densuke?

Please consider operating a store with a higher profit margin by reducing monthly fixed costs.​

The Japanese coin laundry sales will help you.


Computer electronically controlled breaker


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