PRE-ORDER    2020/9/28

Rinnai Corporation will release RDTC-90CD (drying capacity 9Kg) and RDTC-60CD (drying capacity 6Kg) with built- in coin timer on October 20, 2020. We accept advance reservations from this site. Please check here.


Recycle Laundry  2020/8/24

We have started handling used laundry equipment. After all overhaul and cleaning, we will ship after operation test. The warranty period is 3 months. If you are looking for a low-priced version, please contact us.


Call me anytime   2020/9/4

Both Rakuten and our own sales site accept the removal and disposal of existing unnecessary machines. In addition, please feel free to call us as we also accept consultations before purchase.

GALLERIES       2020/9/4

We are currently in a big campaign with free shipping on purchases of 5 or more of our original detergent " Landry A series" at Rakuten . Everyone, please as soon as possible!


SNS                2020/07/31

I started Facebook and Twitter of Nihon Coinlaundry Sales, Inc.

We plan to disseminate information on coin-operated laundry centering on the introduction of the stores we produced.

Please support us.


New Product    2020/07/22 

The introduction page of the new coin washing machine "Beat Wash BW-FCV70" has been posted.

The washing machine of charm that has been designed on the basis of the new concept, from here please see.

CIRCUIT BRAKER     2020/07/27

We have started to handle the electronically controlled breaker "Densuke" that can lower the monthly basic electricity charge.

Click here for more information.


Blog          2020/07/16

We have updated the information on the stores that we produced.

Please see it here.


What's NEW?    2020/07/14

Our own online shopping site has been updated.

Affordable prices for what you need to operate a coin laundry. Sales of the coin-operated washing machine "BW-FCV70" and used merchandise will begin in the near future. Please wait for a while.


REGENERATED   2020/02/27

Blog page was updated.​

​We will introduce the stores as needed.

Please look forward to it!​

Contact: 042-621-1111


Disinfection 2020/07/07

We started to handle rubbing alcohol. How about Arcrina 18L, antivirus? 10L is also available. As soon as possible, the number is limited.

​Inquiries: 042-621-1111​

Mail Order 2019/12/06

We started a mail-order site on Rakuten. We have an abundant lineup of products such as our own brand original detergent as well as commercial laundry equipment. Inquiries: 042-621-1111​


What's NEW?    2019/07/01

Outdoor department of family rental lease, will be starting as a new "Japan coin-operated laundry machines Sales Co., Ltd.". We would like to take this opportunity to further improve our services, and we ask for your continued patronage.


REGENERATED   2019/07/01

We started to purchase laundry equipment. Please contact our purchasing department for details such as the manufacturers we can handle.

​Inquiries: 042-621-1111​


SEMINAR   2019/07/01

We are planning to re-launch the popular coin laundry management seminar.

Please contact our seminar staff for more information on "Understanding coin laundry management (tentative title)" in which our president serves as a lecturer.

Details will be posted later.

​Inquiries: 042-621-1111​

SHOWROOMS 2019/07/01

​Why don't you visit our proposed store, owners who are considering coin laundry management? This is a good opportunity to find out the reasons for the popular coin-operated laundry stores such as the latest proposal stores and stores popular with local residents.

Inquiries: 042-621-1111​