・ Voice guidance function ・ Drum cleaning function to keep the inside of the drum clean ・ Large course display panel (replaceable) & shining button ・ Improved durability by suppressing vibration during dehydration, NEW G balance control ・ Widen door opening / closing angle by 15 degrees, Easier to put in and take out ・ Further convenience by connecting to the IoT laundry system


  • operating time Washing and drying standard course about 60 minutes Drum dimensions Diameter 800 x Depth 540 mm Anti-vibration mechanism Lower support anti-vibration mechanism Gas consumption LP gas 20.9kW City Gas 13A 20.9kW 12A 19.4kW Maximum air volume 12.8m3 / min Connection exhaust stack Inner diameter 200 mm Coins used 100 yen / 500 yen Piping diameter Water / hot water supply 20A (3 / 4B) Drainage Outer diameter 89mm (nominal diameter 75A) Gas connection 15A (Rc1 / 2) Rated power consumption 1280W (during dehydration) Power consumption 707Wh Standard water consumption About 259L Power supply Three-phase 200V 50-60Hz shared External dimensions Width 1003 x Depth 1209 x Height 1976 mm Product mass About 697 kg

  • ・運転コースマルチ設定機能 ・運転コースカード差替え
    ・ドラムメンテナンス機能 ・ドラム洗浄機能
    ・音声ガイダンス機能 ・少量洗濯乾燥コース(7.0kg)
    ・洗剤・柔軟剤自動投入 ・お湯洗い