●Laundry course selection function according to clothes

"Fashionable clothes" course: Centrifugal pressure wash allows water to pass through the clothes and wash them while keeping their shape. In addition, it can be operated only by spinning at low speed.

"Hurry" course: For lightly soiled items, mornings where there is no time, and underwear and socks that you want to separately wash. "Delicate" course: Use plenty of water and wash with a weak stream.

"Blanket" course: You can wash up to 4.2 kg of blankets (double size/single size).


● Clean mud stains on collars and sleeves and oil stains on food

High-concentration detergent benefits penetrate into clothes, and "Beatwing X" (rotating blades), which has the effects of "push washing", "tapping washing" and "rubbing washing", has a large flow rate of "Niagara Shower" to achieve high detergency. .. Wash it to a white color that saves water. ​Wash in large quantities. Wash with high concentration. Detergency that reduces the labor of washing.


● Automatically wash away stains (sebum stains, detergent residue, bacteria, black mold spores, etc.) that tend to adhere to invisible areas such as the back of the washing tub.

By using an additional 9L of water, the washing time will increase by about 5 minutes.

The additional cost is only 2.3 yen per time, about 840 yen per year (365 times)! A guideline for running cost per time Standard course (water, electricity, detergent total) cleaning course at rated load washing 33.3 yen (ON: 35.6 yen)!

●This product does not include installation and delivery charges. Thank you for your understanding in advance.


[Hitachi high-performance coin-operated washing machine] BW-FCV70

¥141,960 Regular Price
¥109,780Sale Price
  • ● Body width 530mm

    ●External dimensions Width*Depth*Height 577mm*611mm*1177mm

    ● Length of drainage hose Left out 109 cm / Right out 82 cm

    ● Mass approx. 39 kg

    ●Approximate driving time (at rated laundry/standard course) 32 minutes

    Power consumption (50Hz/60Hz) 160W

    Power consumption (50Hz/60Hz) 45Wh

    ● Water consumption (at the time of rated washing/standard course) 86L

    ●Reservation function (time) without washing

    ● Driving sound wash 34dB/dehydration 30dB

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