It is a used refurbished product of the Sanyo brand ASW-J45C(W), which has been discontinued.

We will ship with the washing tub, internal cleaning, and moving parts maintenance completed.


Delivery will use the service of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.

●Please note that shipping charges vary depending on the region.

● This product is in storage. Please note that it will take about 10 business days for delivery as it will be shipped after the operation test is completed once you place an order.




[Second-hand goods / Completed / Separate shipping fee] ASW-J45C(W)

  • ●Outer dimensions Width 522 x Depth 565 x Height 1026 mm
    ●Functions Hygiene function to pre-wash the washing tub, with a washing tub shower button ●Low noise design ●200 coins stored ●Price setting switching (200/300/400/500 yen)
    ● Separately sold 50 yen 50 yen can be set using a mechanism (150/250/350 yen)
    ● Hot water washing is possible with the separately sold hot water supply kit (HV-2) ● Power consumption 390/450 (50/60 Hz)
    ●Product mass 41kg
    ●Standard water consumption 108L

  • ● Due to the characteristics of the product, we cannot accept cancellation due to customer's convenience. The operation guarantee period is 3 months.

    ● For product information, see the instruction manual on the Panasonic website.