●Coin laundry detergent for business use, developed in-house upon customer request.

[Softener for coin laundry, antibacterial, naturally derived, fragrance-free (PRTR not applicable)] Landlier LP Softer

  • ■This product is a cation type. Do not mix with anionic detergents or bleaches.
    ■Do not mix with other softers.
    ■ After using, it is recommended that you wash your hands thoroughly with water and clean with cream.
    ■ After opening, close the lid tightly, avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity, and store at room temperature where ventilation is good.
    ■ Avoid using clothing that may shrink.
    ■Handling clothes Please check the picture display before using.

  • ●Product name: LP Softer ●Product name: Liquid detergent for washing ●Main ingredient: Cationic surfactant, stabilizer, disinfectant, etc. ●Net amount: 18Kg
    ●Liquidity: Neutral ●Standard specifications Concentration: 0.1% (1 ml of water 1 ml)
    ● Hazard statement Mild skin irritation, harmful to aquatic life ● 250mm×250mm×390mm Caliber size 52.5mm