"Low-temperature speedy drying" that does not damage the rubber or adhesive parts of the shoe sole

[Free shipping including tax] Coin-operated small sneaker dryer MCD-D6C

  • Set the sneakers on the shoe hanger and insert coins to start drying. With a low-temperature wind controlled by a microcomputer at about 55°C or less, it quickly dries without damaging the rubber or adhesive such as heels.

    • Part number MCD-D6C
    • Time setting switch 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes
    • Number of coins stored 100 yen coins 200
    • Power consumption 1150/1250W(50/60Hz) Room temperature 30℃
    • Power supply Single-phase 100V 50-60Hz shared type II outlet Use the outlet with a rating of 15A or more by itself.
    • External dimensions width 540 x depth 433 x height 449 mm
    • Product mass 21kg