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It was nice to run a coin laundry! I have the confidence to say so.       

Japan Coin Laundry Sales Co., Ltd. President and CEO Mikio Takano

HitachiBeatWash BW-FCV70

Excellent functionality


​Superior cleaning power

​A clean washing tub at any time


* This product is manufactured by Family Rent-A-Lease Co., Ltd. on consignment to Hitachi Global Solutions Co., Ltd. Only Family Rent-A-Lease Co., Ltd., Japan Coin Laundry Sales Co., Ltd., and Family Service Co., Ltd. can purchase or provide information. Please be careful about resale and fraudulent sites.

Special site

Panasonic  Used outlet air conditioner


Inverter air conditioning dehumidification type  

  Nanoe X Room Air Conditioner  CS-220DJT-W 

​* Please arrange the installation work by yourself. We are for sale only.


Coin type small Gas Dryer 





■ Built-in coin timer ideal for use in facilities

■ Easy to clean self-cleaning filter installed

■ Uses a highly durable fan belt that achieves approximately three times the durability


Rinnai and Family Rental Lease

Jointly planned products

Those who want to effectively utilize idle land and empty stores, please consider managing a coin laundry. We have the best know-how in the industry, and we will make the best proposal for opening. Coin laundry management is a very efficient business in the medium to long term, although the initial investment is large.

Coin laundry management has great merit.

・Low expenses and high profitability

・Life-oriented and pleasing to the community

・Laundry equipment has high durability and can continue business for a long time

Nihon Coin Laundry Sales Inc. will provide everyone with cheap and high-quality products. Besides, we regularly provide management guidance, operational support, and cost reduction services.

It was good to try running a coin laundry! The support that you can say so. This is the motto of selling Nihon Coin Laundry Sales Inc.



Mikio Takano

A coin laundry professional who has been in charge of many major projects. Taking advantage of his career, he spends days traveling around Japan to manage new projects.


information magazine


Our company was published inFor more information, please see Blog

Opening information

This is the store information we helped. For more information, please see Blog


I started Twitter and Facebook!

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Achieved monthly fixed cost reduction

​Initial fee of 0 yen for lease

​Minimum capacity main switch contract possible with electronic breaker

*New store opening news*


COIN WASH will open in Kitasaku-gun, Nagano from 10:00 am on Saturday, August 8th!


[Half price campaign held] From August 8th to 16th

Washing and drying Standard 60 minutes course ¥600 (Regular ¥1200)

Washing and drying 40 minutes course ¥500 (normally ¥1000)

Washing machine course ¥200 (normally ¥400)

*First 50 people laundry back gift*


[Address] 〒389-0207

2084 Maseguchi, Miyota Town, Kitasaku District, Nagano Prefecture

If you live near you, please come to visit us.



We are introducing the store introduction of Takao-Cho, Hachioji City, Tokyo, which opened on July 10th (Friday), 2020 by BLOG!

*First proposed store*

Coin laundry for pets

(A coin shower for pets is also available)

Mercari shooting booth

Collaboration with IKEA

(All furniture in the store is IKEA)


[Address] ZIP 193-0844 Hachioji City, Takao-Cho 1513-1 Tokyo

[Business hours] 6:00 to 26:00

If you live near you, please come to visit us.* Please check the blog for details*


Clean Laundry Shin Kamata 3-Chome, Omori Nishi 7-Chome store

We are introducing the store introduction of the clean laundry Shin-Kamata 3 Chome store and Omori Nishi 7 Chome store that opened on June 20, 2020 (Saturday) in a blog!

Living Laundry Shin Kamata 3-Chome

[Address] ZIP 144-0054 3-4-10 Shin Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo

[Business Hours] 24 hours

Living Laundry Omori Nishi 7-Chome

[Address] 7-8-22 Omori Nishi, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0015 [Business Hours] 24 hours

If you live near you, please come to visit us. *Please check the blog for details*


about us

Nihon Coinlaundry Sales, Inc. sells laundry equipment regardless of domestic or overseas manufacturers.

​We handle any product regardless of manufacturer, large or small equipment. We have also begun purchasing used equipment for laundry equipment. We promise to be the best partner for our customers in price, service and everything.


Manufacturer with the largest share in Japan, inheriting the tradition from the old Sanyo. Made in Japan with peace of mind.


​A Japanese manufacturer is familiar with large machines.TOSEI provides various functions with high technology.


Electrolux is the standard manufacturer of coin laundry whole the world, which boasts the world's leading share.

Second-hand purchase *NEW

We have begun to purchase used equipment for laundry. If you wish to purchase, please let us know.

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